Intermittent fasting is a buzz word and it is making rounds on the internet. Let us understand the importance of fasting in our life style and little science behind it.

“Langanam Parama Aushadham” is a Sanskrit quote which says “Fasting is a great medicine”

The practice of fasting is observed from ancient Indian history to till date as a religious ritual. Back then, Ancient…

In this article, we will go through blueprints in Flask. If you want some basics on how Flask application works, I recommend you to read my previous article on Flask — Micro web framework explained in 5 minutes.

In Flask, Blueprints allows us to break our application into modules and…

Hello, I have used Celery extensively in my projects at my company. In this series, I’ll demystify everything about Python Celery, it’s applications, my experiences and experiments with Celery in detail.

What is Celery? (Let’s get it’s definition from Official website first.)

Celery is a simple, flexible, and reliable distributed…

Chaitanya V

I like to explain things as simple as possible.

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